Our Services

Our Services

We only work with leading approved Heating and Insulation Contractors who use the most advanced materials and techniques to carry out these works. These reliable companies have all the necessary accreditations proving they meet industry standards for quality and compliance. The wealth of experience these companies possess means they will undertake your survey and installations competently and respectfully. All aspects of the process will be considered, explained simply and followed without exception.


Safe Working Covid - 19

To ensure you are safe. We are following and staying up to date with all government guidelines in regards Covid-19 safety and precautions at this time.


During your survey and installation; All appointments will be screened to ensure the household is free from Covid-19 and associated symptoms. The household including children and pets are requested to remain in one room that can be closed and separate from our operatives.


Upon arrival our operatives will maintain social distance and explain the Covid-19 safe process they will follow.  All our operatives are trained with the use of correct PPE, this includes face masks, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitiser and disposable gloves. Upon completion an electronic/hard copy signature may be required, you are to wash your hands with soap and hot water before and after signing 


We will let you know when we leave. All PPE used at your property will be taken away from your property and disposed of in a responsible way, all surfaces touched will be sanitised prior to leaving.


Cavity Wall Insulation

Thermabead Carbon Saver or Knauf Supafil 40 cavity wall insulation is installed via injection into the cavity of suitable external walls through holes drilled in the outer leaf and made good to match existing appearance. All as per BBA Agrément Certificate No. 15/5181 and 88/2033 respectively.


Loft Insulation

Knauf Earthwool 44 or Isover mineral fibre is installed into horizontal roof spaces, laid or cross laid over existing material as appropriate, up to current standards of a minimum depth of 270mm. We will also install fresh pipe and tank lagging as required and assess whether additional ventilation would be of benefit to protect longevity.


Room In Roof Insulation

Via our approved systems - we will upgrade the insulation at sloping and horizontal levels to ensure all aspects of the roof space are insulated and air sealed  



*full funding available to electrically heated properties only.


First Time Central Heating System

We remove all existing heating methods, make a gas fuel connection and install a full First Time Central Heating System, radiators and controls.


Upgraded Replacement Boiler

We will assess and replace an existing broken or inefficient Boiler and replace with a new upgraded Boiler


We will assess and replace an existing broken or inefficient Boiler and replace with a new upgraded Boiler


Air Source Heat Pump

We remove existing heating as required and install a Net Carbon Zero Air Source Heat Pump and heating system as required. This is a wonderful measure moving towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability for years to come*

*customer contribution may be required

external solid wall insulation.jpg

External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is a method of insulating solid or non-standard constructed dwellings that can’t have cavity wall insulation; typically the insulation is mechanically fixed to the exterior of the property and then a flexible thin coat render system applied to finish the measure. EWI systems are installed to current building regulation standards and any alteration works that require existing fixtures and fittings will be altered to suit the system

Party Wall.PNG

Party Wall

To reduce heat loss and sound transfer between neighbours, Climabead wall insulation is installed via simple injection into the party wall cavity through 2 holes drilled in the front and rear elevation externally. All installed as per KIWA BDA approval the system is quick, clean and has less visual impact on the property.


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